Every child deserves to
be seen for what is possible, not what is holding them back.

Every child deserves to be seen for what is possible, not what is holding them back.

Speech, occupational and physical therapy for children from birth to 18 years

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In 2021, We Helped 865+ Children & Families

Babbling • Talking • Listening
• Understanding • Using gestures • Playing with others

Self-help skills (eating, bathing, dressing) • Feeding • Sensory
• Fine motor skills

Sitting • Crawling • Walking
• Jumping • Balance & Coordination

Why Choose Us

Convenient & Flexible

Our expansive team allows us to offer flexible appointments including evenings. From the initial evaluation to your regular weekly appointments, your busy schedule won’t get in the way of your child’s progress.

Supportive Solutions

Your child’s success comes from the partnership between their therapist and your family. Our therapists take the time to get to know you & your family to determine priorities for your customized therapy plan.

Real-Life Application

Your child and family are given the tools and strategies designed to be infused into everyday routines, ensuring maximum progress in minimal time.

Meeting Your Child Where They Are

Sitting in a sterile office and using flashcards isn’t the best way to help your child. We offer virtual visits so your child can learn and grow where they’re most comfortable — at home.
With virtual visits, we don’t waste time getting your child acclimated to a new environment. Instead, we dig right into the strategies and tools that will help them, during the very first session.
We also empower parents to incorporate the strategies throughout your daily lives at home. Why? So your child can start experiencing breakthroughs quicker and feel success sooner.
You can either go to therapy at an office for 30 minutes a week, or you can get empowered with tools to infuse therapy into meal times, playtime, bedtime, and everything in between.
You’ll be surprised at just how effective virtual visits can be.

Watch Cameron's Story

Cameron's Story

Find out how Cameron learned to say over 500 words in less than 6 months!
See the progress this family experienced through therapy.

Our Testimonials

Benefits of Virtual Visits

Experience the future of therapy yourself. Schedule a virtual visit with one of our licensed therapists today.

Save Time & Money

Stop wasting time on the freeway, and money on gas. Just open your computer and you’re ready for a session.

Learn Together

You and your child learn and apply strategies together in an environment where you’re both comfortable.

Feel Empowered

Finally feel confident that you have the tools you need to help your child flourish the way they deserve.

Stay Safe & Healthy

Don’t stress about your family getting sick or sharing germs with your providers. You’re always safe at home.

No Waitlist

Virtual visits help us serve many more children so your child can get the help they need now, not in several months.

Our Commitment

Your child’s success is crucial, period. We’re fully committed to finding the ideal formula to ensure your child’s growth. We will match you with the right therapist, the right plan, and the best approach to help your child thrive.

2,500+ Children We’ve Served since 2015

Take The First Step


Schedule a Free Virtual Visit

You’ll meet our lead therapist, share your concerns, learn how we do therapy differently, and we’ll offer strategies to help your child immediately before therapy officially starts.

Customized Therapy Plans for Every Child

We’ve helped thousands of children reach their goals and recognize that every single child and family situation is unique. Every therapy plan is built around your family’s needs, from insurance to scheduling, to your child’s goals.

Start Celebrating Your Child as They Thrive!

Seeing your child experience success and breakthroughs means the world to us. Our approach ensures progress and growth with each session. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.
Help Your Child Thrive

Our Testimonials

Gloria Graves
July 2, 2021

My son has been in RL therapy for a little over a month. He seems to be making some progress. His therapist Ally is very kind and she has a lot of patience. Zoom meetings are how we have met so far. Im greatful for RL therapy and Ally.

Julie Seal-Gaustad
September 1, 2020

RL Therapy Group is highly professional, communicative and truly the experts in their field. They usually provide in-home therapy, but are currently focused on teletherapy without missing a beat to provide continuing care, therapy and support. I highly recommend their therapists and this company for pediatric speech, physical and occupational therapy!

carolina alvarez
May 11, 2022

They are awesome!!! It helped my son improve on his speech...I highly recommend them!

Becky Wilson
August 21, 2020

It has been so nice working with Carrie With RL therapy Group. Although COVID hit right as we started therapy I feel like she has been extremely helpful through telegram that and we have made huge strides with our little one. She is very personable, kind and extremely patient. I feel very confident in her skills.

Maren Thacker
March 25, 2022

My experience with Megan has been exactly what I was looking for. As a parent of an older child, I didn't want someone to do OT with him while I had no idea what he was doing or learning--I needed to be able to implement it at home. She has coached and taught me so much, and she genuinely connects with my son as well. I highly recommend the teletherapy model, and it has worked wonders for us.

August 28, 2020

My young daughter and I have been receiving occupational therapy services as well as speech and language therapy services services through RL Therapy Group for the past eight months. I have only positive things to say about them. They have always been prompt in their communication with me and both of our therapists have been awesome. I have definitely seen my daughter grow and improve since beginning services with them. I have been impressed with how well services have transitioned to telehealth therapy services. They have still been able to make services comfortable, personal and helpful. I highly recommend them!

Tony I
May 7, 2022

Great people working there. Really bonded with our son

Brooke Garibay
March 26, 2019

We’ve been seeing Michelle for over a year now and she is awesome! My little girl gets so excited when she comes over. I’ve noticed so many more syllables and words since we’ve started. And Michelle is great with communicating with me via email since I am not there when she has her session. They work well with my insurance and make it very easy to pay copays online. Highly recommend!

hilin ablahad
October 1, 2020

Can't thank enough what our o.t therapist Carley has done for us! She has put so much effort and care in helping my son with his sensory issues, he's a completely different person!

Charlotte Stone
May 2, 2022

McKenzie has been such a gift to our family, she is patient, engaging and resourceful. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jase DeLeon
October 2, 2020

RL therapists have been some of our favs! From being super knowledgeable to understanding our need for flexibility has made our experience with them that much better.

Natalia Martinez
June 18, 2020

Miss. Michelle Loftus is top notch! My son Samuel has been using RL services for the past six months, and our son’s speech, communication skills, and development have grown tremendously. We are incredibly grateful, and I would recommend RL Speech Therapy to anyone. Thanks again for all your hard work and for treating our family with such kindness, education, and care. God bless Miss. Michelle and RL Speech Therapy.

Karie Kaufmann
May 17, 2021

We have been so pleased and encouraged by the speech therapy our 8yo is receiving from RL. His therapist, Elizabeth, is incredibly patient and calming, and our son always leaves his sessions feeling empowered. I love that Elizabeth is also empowering my husband and I to help him, by educating us and giving us things to practice with him throughout the week. It's the best feeling to watch my son's confidence increase as he continues to make progress. I never would've imagined that virtual tele-therapy would be so effective, but I honestly can't imagine it being any better!

Albena Apostolova Rank
November 18, 2020

We have worked with Kelli for over six months now and she has been absolutely fantastic. She has managed to make the telehealth sessions fun for out child as well as very helpful and educational for us as parents. She has been extremely accommodating and understanding in regards to our busy schedule, and has provided a lot of recourses to help us be successful in our mission to help our little one. He has made a tremendous progress 🙂

David Teemsma
May 24, 2021

5+ Stars! I had no idea how wonderful of an experience I was going to have when first meeting Danielle From RL Therapy. She coached my son and me for a year and we could not be happier. She gave us the tools and encouragement we needed to make miracles happen in our home. We had 100% virtual "Tele-Therapy" and I was very skeptical about it at first but it turned out to be a huge blessing. It allowed us to be flexible in our schedule and greatly increased engagement for each of our sessions. She gave us the tools to teach our son everyday and because of that we were able to see daily progress in his speech. She gave us the gift of communication with our son and because of it we have been able to enjoy so much of his personality and learn how to best help him continue to learn and grow. Speech therapy is a lot of work. At times it is frustrating and progress can be slow. Danielle has an amazing talent for giving encouragement and enthusiasm. She keep us excited every week for a year and the pay out was incredible. I know that because of her we are able to understand our son and he can clearly communicate his needs and desires to us. There is always more work to do but because of her we have the tools we need to continue to find success in our journey together. If you are looking for a therapist then RL Therapy Group is the place to go.

Chelsea P
September 2, 2021

The Bonding with Your Baby course provided information which I found very helpful as a first time mom. The instructor answered all of my questions thoroughly and was available outside the course to answer any follow-up questions I may have had. I very much enjoyed my experience!

Brittany Powers
May 6, 2022

I was concerned about how doing zoom meetings for my 2 year Olds speech would be beneficial. RL group therapy had a great approach and helped me make so much progress with my 2 year old in such a short period of time. So happy we had the opportunity to work with them.

Carlos Martinez
May 17, 2022

Outstanding providers. Jessica y Rogelio are very professional.

Nivia gutierrez leyva
April 29, 2022

Renée, Grace y Lauren han hecho un gran cambio en mi hijo en poco tiempo. Sus consejos son muy claros y prácticos. Estamos muy agradecidos y felices con su trabajo. 😍

May 29, 2019

Maura has been working with my daughter for over a year. Since she started, we have seen significant improvements by leaps and bounds in her speech. Maura is very engaged and keeps us informed how to reinforce what’s she’s teaching her. Highly Recommended.

Raelene Cromwell
January 14, 2021
Raven Murry
October 21, 2020
Yana Matosian
August 19, 2022
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