About Us:

RL Therapy Group is a pediatric practice providing speech, occupational, and physical therapy to children from birth to age 18. We believe in empowering our parents, caregivers, and clients to make small shifts throughout their daily routines that produce large gains in growth and development.

Our therapy is provided via teletherapy and in-home, when necessary. Upon beginning therapy, our therapists take time to get to know each families’ individual ritual and routines. We work with parents and caregivers to develop a treatment that is customized to each families’ needs in order to maximize progress.

Unlike many other clinics and practices, we believe in encouraging our therapists to specialize in the areas they are passionate in. In turn, our clients experience more progress in therapy and work with a therapist who truly loves what they do!

Here at “RL”, we value encouraging, supportive relationships between our staff, our clients, and our families. We strive to offer the most innovative approaches to our clients and encourage collaboration between therapists and family members. Don’t wait to see what the “RL” experience is like—schedule a free virtual screening today!

Don’t forget to ask us about our virtual groups including music classes and more!


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