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Pediatric Therapy

Looking for Pediatric Therapy in San Diego?

Discover how speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy can help your child unlock their full potential and go beyond their limitations.

Expert knowledge from dedicated therapists

Here at RL Therapy Group, we believe in providing parents with new hope through a variety of pediatric therapy services.

We specialize in teletherapy, providing parents and caregivers with the chance to make small shifts that can greatly improve the lives of their child or children.

Experience Faster Progress With Teletherapy

Teletherapy represents our ongoing dedication to excellence, innovation, and compassionate care, and we are proud to specialize in its transformative power. Our dedication to this innovative approach predates the recent shift to platforms like Zoom. Why? Simply put, we have witnessed firsthand the exceptional effectiveness of teletherapy, particularly in building connections with children facing speech difficulties.

Unlike traditional in-person sessions, teletherapy allows for an immediate bond to be formed, minimizing the adjustment period typically required when entering a family’s home. We understand that these initial interactions, or “warm-up” sessions, are crucial in establishing trust and rapport. By harnessing the benefits of virtual visits, this process is compressed to mere minutes, enabling your child to experience progress at an accelerated pace.

Our commitment extends beyond the therapy sessions themselves. We believe in empowering parents and caregivers with the invaluable tools and insights required to make significant, positive shifts in their daily lives. With teletherapy, we ensure that this valuable support is accessible to families, enhancing the impact of therapy and ultimately improving the overall quality of their day-to-day experiences.

Every child is different – that’s what makes them special! As a result, we offer tailored therapy plans across several categories, ensuring your child gets the best care possible for their needs.

Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on improving a child’s speech and their ability to understand and express language, including non-verbally. Our speech services help to create positive change in your child’s life and among your family, providing them with functional ways to express themselves. We put your family goals at the forefront, with language therapy tailored to you.

We began offering speech therapy in San Diego, but have now expanded across the state of California and beyond.

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy promotes healthy living in children from 0-18 years old, with services including feeding therapy, work on fine and visual motor skills, emotional self-regulation, self help, and more. A dedicated occupational therapist will work with your family to help your child adjust to change, cope better with and prevent illness, or manage disability. Our pediatric occupational therapists offer individualized therapy that helps your children live life to the fullest.

Physical Therapy

Our expert therapists also offer physical therapy services, helping children to reach their maximum potential to function independently at home, school, and in the community. If you have concerns about your child’s gross motor milestones, balance, or a genetic, muscular, or neurological disease, our physical therapy services can help.

Pediatric Therapy in San Diego

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Pediatric Therapy in San Diego

Nestled among Southern California’s stunning coastline, San Diego offers an enchanting backdrop to raise a child. As California’s second-largest city, San Diego boasts a rich blend of diverse neighborhoods and cultural influences, from the historic Gaslamp Quarter to the vibrant communities of La Jolla and North Park.

With pediatric therapy, you can grant your child the ability to enjoy it all to the fullest. Physical therapy can assist your child as they explore the sun-kissed beaches and renowned parks, while San Diego occupational therapy can help them with the transition if you’re moving to the area.

No matter what therapy services you require, San Diego provides the perfect canvas for pediatric services that will nurture your child’s potential.

Why Choose RL Therapy Group?

Your child’s success comes from the partnership between their therapist and your family. Our therapists take the time to get to know you & your family to determine priorities for your customized therapy plan.

Specialized Pediatric Therapy

RL Therapy Group specializes in pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Our therapists are highly qualified and licensed, and because we empower them to specialize in the areas they are passionate in, they love what they do: helping your family.


We offer a comprehensive range of services, including specific therapies for speech and language disorders, sensory integration issues, autism, ADHD, and more. With programs tailored to your child’s needs, you can rest assured that they will get the care they need.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We are committed to creating individualized treatment plans tailored to each child’s unique needs, ensuring we achieve developmental milestones tailored to your family.

Virtual In-Home

RL Therapy Group provides virtual in-home therapy, meeting your family where you are. Your child will be comfortable, safe, and inside a familiar atmosphere during therapy sessions, helping them to be the best versions of themselves.


We actively involve parents and caregivers in the therapy process, offering guidance and support throughout. As a result, you are empowered to assist your child outside of therapy hours, ensuring a seamless transition that fuels your child’s progress.


Our knowledgeable staff are incredible at what they do. Everyone from the office staff to our licensed therapists are passionate about helping kids live their best lives. With expertise in a huge range of therapies, no concern is too big or too small.

How To Find Us

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Our San Diego clients seek pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech therapy from the following areas:

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Meet Our Team

Here at RL Therapy Group, we have a dedicated and professional team of therapists serving the San Diego area. We love what we do, and we can’t wait to meet your family for an evaluation or to start assisting with your child’s development.

Your child’s progress is our success.

Review and Testimonials

Discover the heartwarming stories and real-life transformations shared by families who have experienced the positive impact of RL Therapy’s pediatric services.

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Pediatric therapists work with individuals under the age of 18 to provide developmental assistance. This can include occupational therapy to help them with engagement and independence, speech therapy for kids with speech or language difficulties, or physical therapy to help with congenital diseases or acquired injuries.
An occupational therapist focuses on improving the child’s ability to perform daily tasks. This can include things like helping children with their motor skills so they can grip a pencil, tie their shoes, and more. Meanwhile, a physical therapist focuses on the patient’s ability to move their body, helping children hit their developmental milestones such as crawling, sitting, walking, and more. It’s also useful for children who struggle with balance and coordination, or who do things like toe walking, helping them to rectify these issues.
Occupational therapy refers to assistance with daily tasks. If your child is having difficulty with self-care activities such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed, or eating food, OT could be beneficial. It can also assist with gross motor skills.
If you have any concerns about your child’s developmental progression, you can contact one of our licensed therapists for advice. No problem is too big or too small. Therapy can help your family adapt and overcome any challenges that stand in your way, ensuring your child can thrive independently and giving you new hope for their future.
There’s no right age for a child to see a speech therapist. If you notice that your child is missing developmental milestones in speech, you can arrange an appointment with a pediatrician or speech therapist to try and address the issue. However, it depends on your unique situation; with therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Does Your Child Need Therapy?

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