We specialize in virtual and in-home Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy. We provide individual evaluations and therapy sessions for children and specialize in early intervention (birth-3 years old).
Working together as a team we collaborate with one another in order to provide treatment approaches that encourage the child’s overall development.
Our therapists provide therapy in the child’s most natural environment. We strongly believe in parent education in order to empower families and caregivers to provide intervention throughout daily activities and routines.

Developmental Milestones

Smiling for the first time, taking a first step and waving “bye-bye” can be exciting times for a family. If you would like more information regarding your child’s expected skills check out the link below.

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Does your child have a current IEP?

We would love to help supplement your school program! Having worked in the public school system, as a teacher and a speech pathologist, I can provide guidance to you regarding the special education-IEP process.

In addition, I can utilize your child’s current IEP to help support their goals outside of the classroom to help generalize skills. Evaluation fee waived when current IEP is provided!

Group Therapy

Concerned about your child’s lack of socializing over the past year?

We can help!

We are now offering virtual social groups for our school aged children. Our groups will focus on building friendships, understanding non-verbal communication, expressing emotions in a positive way, and more!

We will use fun games, activities, short stories, and role playing. Your child is sure to have a great time all while building social skills and making friends.

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    Don’t forget to ask us about our virtual groups including music classes and more!


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