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Thanks to everyone who participated in the Fall 2016 Talking Tots classes. This week wraps up our final Baby Garten class and fall session. We are so excited about our parent feedback and looking forward to beginning our Spring 2017 classes. Below are comments and pictures from La Mesa and Baby Garten.

Check out these great reviews from class!

Check out these great reviews from class!

-“I have noticed an improvement in [my child’s] speaking skills and her interaction with people outside of class. She refers to the Fire Station as “Marlee’s house”. Great tips for parents to build on.”

-“Definitely a great class. I am now doing way more when it comes to helping my daughter with her speech. We focus on something new every week.”

-“This class has helped our entire family. We have learned how to communicate with our daughter.”

We frequently get the question, “Is this class right for my child?” The answer is YES; especially if you are looking for a class to build social and communication skills in your young one. The style of the class focuses on parent/child interaction, so each week parents and caregivers learn interesting information from specialists in the field of Early Intervention. Your child does not need to have a delay in speech to sign up; however, many parents who have come in with “late talkers” find the strategies to be effective in advancing their child’s communication skills.

Based on parent request we are so excited about our new class Talking Tots-Level 2. This class is for those children who are vocal, but have parents that want to increase skills, socialize, and learn more. We will discuss advancing speech and language skills, asking and answering questions, as well as increasing socialization and play. Consider it a “crash course” in toddler communication. Come join us for all the fun!!



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Ryan Landinguin

Ryan Landinguin

Ryan Landinguin, M.S. CCC-SLP is a certified speech language pathologist and CEO of RL Therapy Group, a multidisciplinary clinic in San Diego, California.

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