Ages 0 – 3

Ages 3 and up

What is Telepractice?

Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy provided to children and families using an online platform.
We use a family-centered coaching therapy model to incorporate tips and strategies into families’ everyday lives.

Who Does it Benefit?

Children (1-3 years old) on a wait list for services elsewhere.

Families who live in a rural area with minimal or no access to a therapist.

Families who want to learn quick and easy ways to improve your child’s skills throughout your daily activities.

Here at “RL”, we value encouraging, supportive relationships between our staff, our clients, and our families. We strive to offer the most innovative approaches to our clients and encourage collaboration between therapists and family members. Don’t wait to see what the “RL” experience is like—schedule a free virtual screening today!

What is Parent Coaching?

Coaching in early intervention focuses on engaging parents and caregivers while they are interacting with their child in the everyday routines and activities of that family.

Why Does it Work?

Children (ages 0-3) learn best in their natural environment (i.e. home, daycare, backyard, etc) with people that they’re most comfortable with (i.e. parents, grandparents, caregivers). Traditional style therapy provides 1 hour/week of therapy. Using a family centered approach, families can implement ~60 hours of intervention throughout the week.

There are no such things as “magic toys”! The magic lies in the family’s interactions with the child.​

By working with families to develop goals, therapists are able to help guide families to improve interactions with their children in areas that matter most to them.

A parent is a child’s FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT teacher!

Don’t forget to ask us about our virtual groups including music classes and more!


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